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March 24, 2009


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fressy pints for all

Canada has a Fox News channel? Oh my God, what brainless civil servant allowed that to happen?


I qoute this from a post on CBC. Does anyone have Bill Schulz's email?
The comments made by Gutfeld and guests don't surprise me as I've heard commentary on numerous occasions from conservative ideologues on Fox news shows. What bothers me the most is the 'let's just invade Canada' comments that I've heard from different programs (Anne Coulter-CNN Crossfire) and conservative pundits. While obviously it's not fair to paint all of America with a broad brush one must also look at the millions of viewers across the U.S. who take these comments ad verbatim without a critical analysis of what is being said. Further more these comments fly in the face of the proven commitment of Canadians in the war against terrorism, from the thousands of stranded passengers on grounded flights in Canada (welcomed into Canadian homes) during 9/11 to the courageous efforts of our military from Afghanistan to Bosnia, Cyprus etc. I only point out to the lackluster efforts of the U.S. government in helping their own citizens, from the Katrina/ New Orleans disaster to such issues as illiteracy, poverty and the lack of universal health care (9/11 rescue workers left on the wayside with respiratory/health issues). Thus perhaps those conservative ideologues who choose to slam Canada should look in the mirror and reflect on the failings of their own policies. One another note it should be pointed out that without our natural resources (hydro, oil and gas etc) the U.S. would not have the capacity to maintain their consumer lifestyles that they have grown so used to having. In the end I agree with John Diefenbaker and John Turner when I say "I am not anti-American but a proud Canadian". I only take the patriotic stance in defense of my country, just like any American would to theirs if the tables were turned


Hydro, oil, gas, etc...? You funny little little people with the funny little accents...oh, yes, the US would fold without the resources of , Oh, Canada! lol Turn the tables and think what your little country would be without the United States...I have lived half my life in Canada and like the country but please, people...lighten the hell up...Canadians watch American TV, drive American cars, wear American clothes, listen to American music,vacation in the US, come to the US for medical treatment so you don't have to wait in the ER for 3 days for sub~standard treatment for a broken leg, (universal healthcare, pls, at what, 69% tax rate), watch American Sports, watch American movies, live under the protection of the United States and I could go on and on but it is pointless...Having served in the US Infantry for 4 years and having first hand knowledge about the Canadian Military, you guys are great...well trained, disciplined soldiers with pls, take it easy, go watch Don Cherry and have a John Labatt Classic and root for the Leafs, 'Nucks or Habs... God, i love that beer!!!!


I am not anti-American but a proud Canadian". I only take the patriotic stance in defense of my country, just like any American would to theirs if the tables were turned....

~The above quote is freaking awesome and I just wished more Canadians would state this...Canada is a great country but you guys have to shout it, be patriotic...diefenbaker's statement is spot on

BTW..Getting all pissed off about something said on a 3 am talk show that is all satirical just makes you people seem so irellevant, like you have no serious issues to beef about...c'mon Canada, you're too good to let this get under your skin...too good of a Country...just ignore it

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