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August 10, 2007


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by: Dick StroudThanks to Brian Scholz for highlighting an item, posted to his blog thesavvyboomer, that is dedicated to the space where Boomers meet all things Internet and consumer electronics.Brian like me is amazed at the explosion of social network... [Read More]


Prairie Gourmet

I don't care for boomer/senior oriented sites either for the same reason I never belonged to women-only auxiliaries, social or business clubs, and why I would never move into a 55+ retirement community. I'm more interested in exchanging ideas with a much broader range of individuals.


I agree Savvy. When you look for negativity, you find it. I believe Crabby found what she was looking for in Facebook. If you have fun with it, as was intended, you will! Any social networking website is simply a way for people to find others with like interests and have fun!

Monica Hamburg

Great to have a Boomer's perspective on this! FYI, I too enjoy interacting with others (not just those of my gender, career, or merely in my age group).

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